Welcome, everyone, to our Shared Stories Project. We have high hopes for this being a place where survivors of all identities will contribute and receive narratives of each other’s lived experiences. A common result of being a survivor of sexual violence is isolation. It’s what happened when we were harmed and we re-experience that isolation every time our stories are not listened to, rejected or denied. So, many thanks to our contributors and a warm welcome to our readers.


From Broken to Beyond Surviving by Rachel Grant

I was a five-year old, middle-class kid, growing up in Oklahoma with an acre out my backdoor when my grandfather came to live with our family. As an innate nurturer, I would help my mom and dad take care of him by doing simple things like bringing him a bowl of cereal, keeping him company, and reading to him. We spent hours on our front porch swing talking, laughing, and watching the people in the park across the street. He was my friend and a quiet companion.


Thriving Survivor by Elaine Crocker

Hi, my name is Elaine. I am honored to share my story with you. I was a victim of molestation and rape, I am a survivor and I am thriving. For many years, this is something that I would not talk about because of fear and shame. How sad it is that victims of sexual assault feel ashamed. My knowledge of how victims were treated stemmed from grown up conversations that I overheard and t.v. shows that said, what was she wearing or not wearing; did she scream, fight, try to get away; did she tease him; what was she doing there?