Praise for the Book

"Healing My Life is a story that is unique and personal in its detail, yet also universal and human in its impact. If we could raise even one generation without violence or shaming, we have no idea what might be possible.”

- Gloria Steinem

“What an accomplishment! Taking the raw pain of incest, Donna Jenson has offered the world a generous dose of hope and delivered a clear message to survivors: healing is possible. Everyone who has survived childhood sexual abuse is stronger knowing each other’s journey. By eloquently sharing hers, Donna reminds of us of a simple truth: we can heal.”

- Marilyn Vanderbur, Miss America 1958, who survived incest

"Dedicating this book to the tens of millions of incest survivors with her expressed hope that “more and more of our lights reach out and illuminate one another,” Ms. Jenson’s generous contribution to that mission carries a life-giving tone throughout. While readers will come away from reading Healing with a sense of familiarity with the author, the damage created by incest, the process of healing, and resources for survivors of incest, I expect that readers who are survivors will come away with a deeper understanding of themselves, of available components of the healing process, and with new or renewed hope that they, too, can heal and experience joy."

- Catherine McCall, International Bestselling Author, Never Tell Panel Member, UK Child Sexual Abuse People's Tribunal

“Please read this book no matter who you are. It's through awareness that we can make change, and knowing Donna's journey will inspire you to start with yourself. If you are an incest survivor, you will not only know that healing is possible, but that it's worth it!”

- Cynthia Mochowski, Incest Survivor

“This wise and unflinchingly honest portrayal of one woman’s journey recovering from the betrayal of incest lifts the reader with an inspiring perspective of hope, determination and joy. Jenson’s story shows how she came to understand that true healing is ultimately a step-by-step process of growth, lasting a lifetime. The clarity she finally gained by learning to ask at each turning point, “is this step healthy and healing for me?” will resonate deeply for anyone who has undertaken a similar journey of recovery.”

- Peter Pollard, Area Director for Survivor Network of those Abused by Priests and a man who survived Priest abuse

"While on vacation I took the time off to read your book, from cover to cover. WOW, just WOW! It was truly an experience I will never forget. I will forever feel grateful for your contribution to the recovery of all of the survivors around the world who can witness your amazing journey by reading your book. I appreciate the vulnerability that you had to maintain in sharing your story - you are a brave soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing."

Jody A. Gallaway, Psy.D., Clinical Services Supervisor, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Center, Sheboygan County Health & Human Services, Sheboygan, Wisc.

“Donna's story is one to be shared to all. It brings a survivors story to light showing how strong one can truly be. A must read!”

- Kathy Picard, Author of Life with my Idiot Family: A True Story of Survival, Courage, and Justice over Childhood Sexual Abuse

Praise for the Play

What She Knows helps us feel the deep pain of child sexual abuse. It helps victims of abuse know there is hope and a brighter tomorrow. The courage of Donna Jenson gives us all the inspiration to be active partners in preventing child sexual abuse.” - David E. Sullivan, Northwestern District Attorney

“Donna Jenson’s one-woman show will move the most resistant audience and make people think about this topic in a new light. A ‘must-see’!” - Representative Ellen Story, D, Amherst

"Donna's performance was a gift to the participants of Women In Distress. The participants all could relate her story because of Donna's ability as a storyteller. Donna easily drew the participants into her story with wit, laughter, courage, sadness, joy and honesty. The dialogue she had with us after the performance provided a space for all to process, share and openly discuss similar experiences in their lives in an encouraging and safe way. It is rare to find a creative and artistic way to explore and talk about abuse and Donna's performance was one of those rare occasions.” - Carmen Ramirez, BA, Advocate, Women In Distress, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"What a beautiful performance! Donna was so entertaining with her artistic honesty and SINGING and the way her story touched every one at so many levels. I brought my 13-year-old daughter with me. She was captivated by her story and inspired (as was I) by Donna's willingness to tell it. May this project roll on to many new and wonderful healings and creations." - Gretchen Jennings, Florence, MA

From audiences at the Stetson School for Boys and Youth who have sexually offended others.

“It has affected me to the point where I am speechless, but in a good way. I liked it when [she] danced to Elvis. I also really liked the guitar. [Tell her to] Keep doing the good work [she is] doing.” - HV, age 18

“Listening to her will help me break my own cycle of abuse and to never hurt anyone again.” - JA, age 17

“It makes me feel like I could get better. That lady (Jenson) really helped me develop empathy because I could see how she felt.” -TG, age 12

“Seeing the play changed my way of thinking.” -CM, age 16

“[She] made me feel better about disclosing to my (therapy) group because if [she] can have the courage to speak in front of hundreds of people, then I can do it in front of my small group.” -BF, age 16

“I wanted to congratulate [her] on what [she’s] done and [her] bravery. [Her] speech made me realize the impact of sexual abuse on victims and their feelings.” - KM, age 16

“Listening to her will help me break my own cycle of abuse and to never hurt anyone again.” - JA, age 17

Praise for the Workshop

“TTT’s writing workshop provides a safe and nurturing forum for Survivors to tell our stories and be heard. The gentle, gradual exercises promote mindfulness and help build confidence, bringing joy and laughter that are antidotes to our habitual distress. Most empowering of all is the closeness that develops when we risk sharing the truths of our hearts. The result is a real contradiction to the isolation and shame that hold Survivors back, and a radiant force for healing.”–J.C

“I can feel safe in this beautiful space Donna & Jackie have created for us. I am overwhelmed by emotion at the mere thought of being part of this group. I see so much hope and possibility to gain. I am beginning a new chapter coming here.” –JocEve

“The circle you gather together becomes therapeutic and empowering ….a kind of healing that ironically is way beyond words. Presence and compassionate listening heals so many wounded uncertainties. These circles are life serving…and rich with the spirit of giving and receiving.” - T.H

“I totally loved the workshop! It was exactly what I’ve been needing (even telling people I’ve been needing) for a long time now. What a relief to be part of that amazing circle of women.” -E.M.

"Donna and Jackie, thank you not only for the opportunity to bring volume to a voice that has been silenced for years, but also for the empathy, kindness, compassion, nonjudgement and safety you both offer in the space and agenda you've created. I've suffered so long alone, so lonely and feeling so different and damaged that connecting with a group of women through writing not necessarily concentrated on the horror of the details of the abuse (like a trauma group) brings me a sense of sameness instead of difference. Thank you seems insufficient but it is what I have along with the promise to utilize the gift I've been given to the upmost." - S.W.