Time To Tell Shared Stories

Here are some thoughts to ponder as you consider writing your story for Time To Tell. First, know it is so very welcome here – this story of yours.  It will join a clan of survivor stories that can encourage other survivors to tell their truth. The next generation or three are going to be so very happy that we took the time, energy and courage to pass all of this along to them – the survivors who could use our stories to help them navigate their own journeys.

What we want from the stories is truth, clarity and sensitivity to the readers. Time To Tell is all about healing and building lives worth living. What steps did you take that brought you to a place to share your story with us?  What are your next steps to continue your healing journey?

And who are you talking to as you write this story? You might imagine your younger self: a more vulnerable, frightened and yet curious self. What would have helped them along their journey? What tone of voice? What level of encouragement vs. caution would be best for them? What do you want them to know as they stand in an earlier stage of your evolution from victim to survivor?

I offer this direction only as suggestion. I find it very helpful to decide who my audience is for a piece of writing. It strengthens my voice even if I never “name” the one I’m writing to/for (which I rarely do). It may not be your younger self but I encourage you to find that direction, that reader end point, to keep you on track with the story you want to share with us.

All submissions that are curated will reflect the perspective of the Time To Tell project and programs: healing and survivors voices. With this as a foundation for Shared Stories, we are keenly aware of not putting forth material that is too graphically triggering. Therefore, while we certainly don’t want to silence anyone there may be need to edit submissions to fit with Time To Tell. Ultimately we want to provide space for survivors of all identities and backgrounds to share what has been significant, important and healing for them on their journey to wholeness.

I so look forward to receiving your submission should you decide to send one in.

Warm Regards,

Donna Jenson

Founder, Time To Tell


Submission Guidelines:

  1. Tell us what you are surviving in a way that will not re-traumatize readers with too graphic details.

  2. Feel free to change names in your story as you see fit and tell us if you want it posted with your name, initials or anonymously – whatever makes sense for you right now.

  3. Before posting your story on the Time To Tell web site we will send you any edits for your agreement.

  4. Include an image, in a jpeg format, that reflects your healing path to be posted alongside your story.

  5. Submit your story as a word document.

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