“[Donna's play,] What She Knows, helps us feel the deep pain of child sexual abuse. It helps victims of abuse know there is hope and a brighter tomorrow. The courage of Donna Jenson gives us all the inspiration to be active partners in preventing child sexual abuse.”

–David E. Sullivan, Northwestern District Attorney, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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“Jenson shapes the raw clay of a childhood violated by a broken father and firing it in the white hot oven of art. Her finished piece glows with the heat of injustice and is cooled in a mountain stream of tears. Finally, it is polished smooth by a chorus of love, self-care and healing. Master guitarist John Sheldon has composed an original score which he sensitively performs adding emotional texture to Jenson’s powerful performance.”

— Rob Okun, editor, Voice Male Magazine

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“Donna’s work connects the past to the present with an iron scaffolding of courage, the persistent song and dance of joy, accompanied by the kite-like body of a child tethered to the fear and confusion of incest. We feel the clench of the despairing spirit while through and through is the velvety cord of resilience. Her courage inspires me to be more courageous and her speaking not only inspires me but is almost a mandate that we all speak, no matter what holds us to our silence.”

— Jackie Humphreys, LICSW WSK Clinical Consultant and incest survivor.

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