“The circle you gather together becomes therapeutic and empowering ….a kind of healing that ironically is way beyond words. Presence and compassionate listening heals so many wounded uncertainties. These circles are life serving…and rich with the spirit of giving and receiving.”

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“I totally loved the workshop! It was exactly what I’ve been needing (even telling people I’ve been needing) for a long time now. What a relief to be part of that amazing circle of women.”

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“TTT’s writing workshop provides a safe and nurturing forum for Survivors to tell our stories and be heard. The gentle, gradual exercises promote mindfulness and help build confidence, bringing joy and laughter that are antidotes to our habitual distress. Most empowering of all is the closeness that develops when we risk sharing the truths of our hearts. The result is a real contradiction to the isolation and shame that hold Survivors back, and a radiant force for healing.”


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“I can feel safe in this beautiful space Donna & Jackie have created for us. I am overwhelmed by emotion at the mere thought of being part of this group. I see so much hope and possibility to gain. I am beginning a new chapter coming here.”


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