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What She Knows: One Woman's Way

Through Incest to Joy.

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Fall 2017 - Workshop

Come join us on our next journey to discover what we each have to say, express, write and share within a supportive group of incest and child sexual abuse survivors. The format is an amalgamation of two primary activities:

  1. Writing & reading our writing to each other and
  2. Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness practices

We are convinced that by combining these two we can move in and out of the myriad of emotions and impressions our experiences have placed within us to finding the joy and strength of our true selves.

There are threads of common purpose for writing within a supportive group – to catch the undercurrent of our minds, spread it out on the page and see what we make of it to:

•    broaden self awareness

•    pour out feelings and emotions onto paper

•    reclaim or preserve memories of ourselves, people, and events

•    sort out thoughts and clarify ideas

•    reap the wisdom of the unconscious

Our yoga and mindfulness practices are designed in synergy with the writing, supporting nonjudgmental self-awareness, acceptance and creativity. Our bodies often hold our experiences of trauma, loss or suffering on a cellular, muscular and visceral level, constricting our capacity to be fully present.

By engaging in gentle yoga postures: simple twists, heart opening stretches; breathing practices: breath awareness and deepening; and mindfulness practices such as connecting with our highest intentions, we clear the obstacles to our creativity and compassion which opens us to experience our own clear voice in the present moment.

Consider giving yourself and your voice this gift of attention. We’re all so worth it.